El Torcal

40 minutes from Finca Los Pinos, South of Antequera (A-7075) The rock formations in El Torcal are truly amazing, putting Stonehenge and the many beautiful natural rock phenomena in Morocco into the shade. It is a spectacular drive to reach the actual entry to the park and the Visitors Centre, which is well worth a […]

Bouldering in Villanueva del Rosario

Settled just behind our local village theres 5 crags, so far we’ve explored the Los Chaos Boulders and scrambled to the top of the mountain behind. Los Chaos Boulders are loosely labelled with a range of grades, if you have any questions then get in touch.  

Chillam Ballam – Climbing in Rosario

Chillam Balam 9b+ Villanueva Del Rosario has some great climbing, chillam ballam sits just behind the village. Spaniard Bernabé Fernández claimed the first ascent of Chilam Balam, an unprecedented grade at 9b+, the above youtube video shows Adam Ondra successfully getting second accent. We have some connection with a local climbing school, if your keen then get in […]