El Torcal

40 minutes from Finca Los Pinos, South of Antequera (A-7075)

The rock formations in El Torcal are truly amazing, putting Stonehenge and the many beautiful natural rock phenomena in Morocco into the shade.
It is a spectacular drive to reach the actual entry to the park and the Visitors Centre, which is well worth a visit if only to buy the small book telling you about the area.

El Torcal dates back 200 million years. In the Jurassic period this entire zone – from the Gulf of Cadiz to the Levantine coast, was occupied by a great arm of the sea as a result of which marine fossils can be seen in the Visitors Centre. To quote: ‘ Previously below sea level, the limestone material rose to an altitude of 1,300 metres whilst preserving their horizontal structure…. A process of erosion caused by rain-water freezing in the limestone material, and known as frost wedging or gelifraction, has occurred since the Quaternary Era forming this landscape, one of nature’s most beautiful creations….. Fantastic and bizarre forms resembling infinite objects and structures dominate the scene….’

If the above has not whetted your appetite I do not know what will. I can assure you you will not be disappointed.

On a clear day you can see for miles – you can even get a view of the sea. If you enjoy walking there are 2 clearly signed walks through the area that fantastic. Good walking shoes and water are a must.